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Rent Easy is Goel Ganga Developments' new line of renting services

Rent Easy is Goel Ganga Developments’ new line of renting services

Pune-based real estate developer Goel Ganga Developments has just joined the rental market Grand Dunman, Grand Dunman Showflat, and Grand Dunman Floor Plan to better serve the city’s growing population. Their new business, Goel Ganga Rent Easy, is an all-encompassing marketplace for purchasing and selling real estate.

India’s rental industry is booming, especially in the country’s big cities, where 35% of the population now chooses to rent rather than buy. Cities like Pune, which have attracted a large number of migrant laborers, have seen a surge in the demand for rental housing…

Goel Ganga’s goal in creating Rent Easy was to provide consumers with a seamless experience throughout the whole property-hunting, identifying, and closing procedure. The portal will provide expert consultation services, prioritize the comfort of its buyers, and showcase an extensive inventory of homes for sale under one virtual roof. The software also offers insightful analytics and statistics to help in decision-making.

Rentals account for about 40% of the demand in the United States and the United Kingdom, while in nations like the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Singapore, they account for half of the demand. However, despite its potential, India’s rental industry is still very modest. Its expansion has been hampered by obstacles including a lack of government oversight, declining rental returns, and a disorganized market. Another reason is the lack of established companies in the market.

By offering renters and landlords alike honest pricing and consistent service, the firm hopes to improve India’s rental industry via its Goel Ganga Rent Easy platform.

Due to COVID-19, One Pearl Bank Showflat is open for online bookings. You can now register online to receive direct developer discount offers and prices.

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